First off, I love Real Estate and serving others. I'll share a little about my career. I joined the Navy out of high school back in 2004 from the East Coast and I was stationed here in Port Hueneme with the Seabees. My dad, being a Pastor, was not immediately happy about that but he was also massively encouraging once he saw that I was serious.

I traveled and cooked for the 600 Seabees in our Battalion, including 1 tour to Southeast Asia in 2006-2007 than discharged in 2008. I learned substantial knowledge about life really quickly joining the Navy and coming to the West Coast. I wouldn't change any of it as it made me who I am today. 

My motto is serving others as I believe that is what we were destined to do every breath we get, and you have my word that I'm going to do my best to do so every day. It's just how I'm wired and my plan to use the strength I'm given to be the best servant I can be. 

I too love family, sports, cooking, and challenging myself to beat my last PR (personal record). I'd like to know what you all love. 

Finally, enough about me lets talk about what I can help you with to beat your last PR!